Welcome to uSurvey’s documentation!

uSurvey is an innovative data collection tool designed to provide statistically representative real time estimates of a given indicator. It runs on USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) interactive secured channel and on ODK (Open Data Kit), for off-line data collection in locations with intermittent mobile network connections.

The system has been designed to collect a wide range of data for the structured survey; to generate and produce descriptive statistics and graphical representation of the collected information whenever desired, as well as during the process of data collection.

Source code for this project is available on github here.


  • Admin management portal

  • Highly customizable surveys

  • Online data collection via USSD channel

  • Offline data collection via ODK collect

  • Dynamic generation and download of ODK forms from defined survey questions on the admin portal

  • Support for simple conditional question flows

  • Inbuilt ODK aggregator.

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